Sustainable Development

Our focus on a sustainable future encompasses our commitment and policy towards the environment, health, safety, community and our business partners including contractors, suppliers and customers. Achieving a sustainable future is a shared commitment between Hyne Timber, our employees, business partners and the communities in which we operate.

Hyne Timber: Committed to a greener and safer, workplace and environment.

Approach to Sustainability

Our Sustainability Challenges are those issues that we believe have a material impact on our ability to be a successful business.

Environmental Commitment

In an age where climate change and environmental credentials are important, Hyne Timber is proud to manufacture Australian grown plantation softwood.

Green Building

The correct choice of building material can have a dramatic effect on a project’s carbon footprint.

Forest Certification & Chain of Custody

Australia’s forest management is among the best in the world and Hyne Timber is making sure those standards are maintained.

Safe Workplaces

We believe employees have the right to go home in the same condition as when they arrived at work – if not better!


Our objective is to minimise potential negative social impacts while maximising the opportunities and benefits for our communities.