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Safe Workplaces

We seek to create a mindset and an environment where people believe it is possible to work injury free - regardless of where they are in the company, what role they undertake, or in which business they work. Our commitment to the health and safety of all who interact with Hyne is a core commitment in all that Hyne do.

Our approach to safety is clearly stated in the Safety and Environmental Policy:

  • that we will continue to strive to be at the leading edge of safety performance;
  • maintain the right for every worker to undertake their work without the risk of injury or illness.

We will achieve these goals through:

  • Managing safety by fact, utilising effective risk management principles.
  • Providing knowledgeable staff, trained in risk management and safety principles within our operations.
  • Continue to maintain corporate business requirements that demand high levels of safety performance from all our operations.
  • Maintain corporate audit functions which monitor and assess operational compliance to corporate requirements.
  • Set safety objectives and targets and monitor our performance.
  • Maintain high levels of communication with all interested parties about health and safety initiatives and concerns.

We are confident our Standards and associated systems are the right ones, and have directed our efforts towards the effective and consistent implementation of these across the organisation.

We believe in Hynesight not Hindsight.