Employment Principles

Outstanding People – Equal Opportunity

Hyne have a long standing tradition of employing outstanding people. More so we have a reputation of developing outstanding employees within our business. Our long standing principles of recognising and rewarding contribution to organisational growth, and being socially and ethically responsible have provided an environment where all employees and applicants are treated and evaluated based on their demonstrated skills, qualifications, abilities and performance.

Hyne continue to employ and develop people from many and diverse backgrounds and nationalities, embracing equal opportunity and anti-harassment initiatives. We promote a culture of support, embracing individualism within a team environment.

Your career path with us

Hyne embrace organisational learning principles believing that both the organisation and it’s people can only continue to be successful by continuing to develop and grow.

We have numerous career pathways, ranging from vocational based training, such as a Certificate III in Forest and Forest Products through to tertiary education including a Master of Engineering or Business just to name a few.

Hyne believe in developing outstanding people from within. Whether you come to us as an experienced professional or an unskilled worker, a career path is available to you if you aspire to succeed. The opportunity to further your skills, knowledge and education is a key focus of Hyne and is considered a shared responsibility between each employee and management. The employee is responsible for taking the initiative to develop their skills, broaden their experience and contribute to organisational success. Management is responsible for providing employees with the right opportunities to enhance their skills and take on more challenging roles and greater responsibilities. An Employee Education Assistance Program operates throughout Hyne for employees who wish to undertake relevant, career aligned external studies.

Recruitment and selection

Hyne’s recruitment and selection principles are based on our mission of recruiting, training and promoting outstanding people:

  • Ensure that outstanding people are chosen for the right positions.
  • Support our policy of equal opportunity, maintaining and supporting individual aspirations within a “can do” team environment.
  • Ensure the company is resourced with people who will strive to succeed, embrace our corporate culture, challenge the status quo and aspire to be leaders both within the organisation and within the communities in which Hyne operate.

Remuneration and rewards

Hyne monitor both external and internal relativities and have enterprise specific workplace agreements and salary contracts that ensure our remuneration and reward structures attract and retain outstanding employees.

Performance management

Hyne believe that effective performance management of our people is a key tool to encourage and support career development. This is achieved through regular face-to-face feedback and open communication models within our operations. Annual formal performance reviews are also undertaken to review performance and career opportunities and align future training and education to support career development.