Career Opportunities

Hyne Timber are a family owned business who have been operating since 1882. We are a people focused company who are committed to developing our people and supporting the local communities in which we operate.
At Hyne Timber we have a standard recruitment process that all candidates go through to ensure we review every application and find the best candidate for the role.
Career Paths
Hyne Timber and our people people can only be successful by continuing to develop and grow.

We have numerous career pathways, ranging from vocational based training, such as a Certificate III in Forest and Forest Products through to tertiary education including a Master of Engineering or Business just to name a few.

Hyne believe in developing outstanding people from within. Whether you come to us as an experienced professional or an unskilled worker, a career path is available to you if you aspire to succeed. The opportunity to further your skills, knowledge and education is a key focus of Hyne and is considered a shared responsibility between each employee and management. The employee is responsible for taking the initiative to develop their skills, broaden their experience and contribute to organisational success. Management is responsible for providing employees with the right opportunities to enhance their skills and take on more challenging roles and greater responsibilities. An Employee Education Assistance Program operates throughout Hyne for employees who wish to undertake relevant, career aligned external studies.

Reward Structures
We offer an enjoyable and rewarding work environment with a strong focus on customer service, safety, ongoing learning and development and career progression.

As a Hyne Timber employee you will enjoy benefits such as: Flexible Working Arrangements, Competitive Remuneration, Ongoing Career Development, Employee Assistance Program, Social Club, Reward and Recognition Program and Staff Parking.


Hyne Timber Announced Winner of the Queensland State Training Awards:


Hyne Timber Announced Finalist of the Australian Institute of Training and Development:

AITD Finalist

Workplace Gender Equality Reporting

In accordance with the requirements of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency Act 2012 (Act), Hyne Timber lodged its annual public report with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (Agency) A copy of the report is available here.

If you wish to make comments on the report, please email
To contact the Agency, please refer to the Agency’s guidelines on this process on their website