Durawood® Pre-coated Pine Decking.

Durawood® Pre-coated Pine Decking is protected by ACQ treatment for a 25 year guarantee against termites, insect attack, fungus and wood rot. Factory pre-coating provides valuable protection during delivery and installation from the destructive effects of water, UV and mould.

Durawood® Pine Decking is available in two varieties:

  1. Uncoated Pine Decking
  2. Pre-coated Pine Decking

Please note that Uncoated Pine Decking is NOT covered by this product guarantee.


Feast Watson Timber & Deck Stain is a penetrating, oil-based, semi-transparent exterior timber finish that's resistant to cracking, peeling and blistering - and adds a subtle sheen to Durawood® Pine Decking that highlights the natural beauty of the timber grain.

Top Coats

It is important to note that 2 top coats of a quality timber decking coating (of your choice) must be applied immediately after installation.

Most importantly, clean the installed deck with an oxalic acid-based deck cleaner (e.g. Woodclean) before the top coats are applied. If in doubt, consult with the manufacturer of your coating product before applying the coating.

The top coats will protect any exposed areas created during installation, such as sawn ends and screw holes.

Decking Colour

Durawood® Pre-coated Pine Decking comes pre-coated with a 'Merbau' colour tone. There are a wide range of timber decking colour tones available, but please note that each additional coat applied with increase the depth of the colour tone. We recommend testing your desired coating on an off-cut piece first.