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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your common questions answered about Hyne Design, Hyne Flooring, Hyne Beam 17C, Hyne LGL, Hyne T2 Blue and Hyne T2 Red plus read about some of the more common questions answered.

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Hyne Design

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What is Hyne Design and how can it be of benefit to me?

Hyne Flooring

Picture of Hyne Flooring
Is Hyne Flooring suitable for a bathroom or wet area?

Hyne T2 Blue

Picture of T2 Blue framing
Is Hyne T2 Blue safe?

Hyne T2 Red

Picture of T2 Red framing
What is the timber perservative in
Hyne T2 Red?

Hyne T3 Green

Picture of Hynebeam 17C
How do I use T3 Green?

Human Resources

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What is the best way to apply for a job in Hyne?

Hyne Beam 17C

Picture of Hynebeam 17C
Is Hyne Beam 17C as reliable as the hardwood beam Hyne Beam 21C?

Commercial and Multi-Residential

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What are the best products to use for a commercial or multi-res project?
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Common Questions

We have collated some of your common questions through our Hyne Product Info Service all ready answered for you, on line. Just click here to continue or if you do not see the question you are after contact Hyne Product Info Service on 1300 30 4963 or email


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