Hyne T2 Red FAQ’s

Is T2 Red safe?
Yes. T2 Red is safe for all mammals, including humans.

How long does the treatment last?
T2 Red is formulated to last for the normal economic life of a home.

Where in the home can T2 Red be used?
Indoors, above ground only as either an alternative or to complement termite barrier systems.

Where in Australia can it be used?
T2 Red is recommended and guaranteed for use north of the Tropic of Capricorn.

How do I tell if it’s T2 Red?
It’s red and marked at regular intervals with the Hyne Timber brand.

Can I cut it?
Yes. It can also be notched or drilled without any need for resealing.

What should I do with the offcuts?
The active constituent is biodegradable and safe to dispose of normally.

Will T2 Red corrode metal fittings or fasteners?
No. Normal steel nails and plates are suitable for use as fixings.

Is it environmentally friendly?
Yes. T2 Red is sustainably sourced, Greenhouse Positive and organic.

Does it meet Australian Building Codes?
You bet.

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