Hyne T2 Red FAQ’s

Hyne – T2 Red

What is Hyne T2 Red?

Hyne T2 Red is a termite resistant softwood framing product produced exclusively by Hyne Timber. It incorporates Hyne’s plantation grown softwood framing with a Tanalised timber preservative produced by Koppers Arch.
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What is the timber preservative in Hyne T2 Red?

T2 Red’s preservative is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide combined in an emulsion blended carrier. The actual insecticide is commonly used in many household, agriculture and even human use preparations (Head Lice Treatment). The formulation has been approved for use by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (AVPMA) as well as state based regulatory bodies.
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What hazard level is Hyne T2 Red?

Hyne T2 Red is a Hazard Level 2 (H2) treatment for use in above ground non exposed situations for all area’s of Australia as protection against termite attack. Hazard level 2 (H2) is defined as dry, interior building applications that are not subject to moisture or weather exposure.
Hyne T2 Red has been specifically designed for use in high risk areas north of the Tropic of Capricorn.
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How is the treatment applied?

The finished framing product is pressure impregnated during production in an in-line process that has been engineered by Hyne Timber. This process achieves full sapwood penetration as required under AS 1604. Heartwood in both Slash & Carribean pine are resistant to all termites and are therefore ideal for use in this application.
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Is Hyne T2 Red safe?

Yes. T2 Red is non toxic to all mammals. Normal timber usage and handling precautions and personal hygiene should be observed at all times. When working with Hyne T2 Red the following are recommended:

  • Keep work area clean and airborne dust below maximum exposure levels
  • Use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment such as gloves, dusk mask, eye protection etc.
  • After using Hyne T2 hands should be washed before eating, smoking etc.

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Where can Hyne T2 Red be used?

Hyne T2 is approved for use as a termite resistant building material and is suitable for use as:-
Part of a whole of house protection barrier system that complies with AS3660.1
As an additional protection against possible termite infestation.
Hyne Timber recommends the use of Hyne T2 Red as an additional barrier against termite attack. Use of Hyne T2 Red structural framing in the construction of the wall frame and roof truss components of dwellings combined with other normal termite barriers provides additional protection against termites.
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What about cutting Hyne T2 Red?

The full sapwood penetration and termite resistant heartwood means that Hyne T2 Red can be cut, notched or drilled without any requirement for the exposed surface or the cut ends to be resealed.
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Can I Paint Hyne T2 Red?

Yes. Although Hyne T2 Red is utilized in structural applications whereby painting would not be common practice, Hyne T2 Red can be painted just like any other timber product using an approved painting system.
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How do I tell if it’s Hyne T2 Red?

Each piece will be marked at regular intervals along the face indicating the plant number, the chemical number and the H2 hazard level. Packs will also be prominently branded with the Hyne T2 Red logo for ease of identification.
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How long does the treatment last?

Hyne T2 Red is guaranteed for 25 years for protection against termite attack indicating that the treatment is very stable in the expected usage conditions and should last at least for the normal economic life of any dwelling. A written warranty is available for all Hyne T2 Red framing.
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Will Hyne T2 Red corrode metal fittings or fasteners?

As the preservative formulation is non corrosive, normal steel nails and plates are suitable for use as fixings. Once dry, normally within 48 hours, the preservative will not affect nail or plate holding capacity.
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What should I do with the off cuts?

Off cuts and saw dust from Hyne T2 Red are not classified as a hazardous waste, and hence can be disposed of through normal waste collection and disposal services. The active constituent permethrin is biodegradable and does not leave long term residues. Off cuts can be burnt in industrial incineration, but are not suitable for use as a domestic heating or cooking fuel.
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Are there any usage restrictions with Hyne T2 Red?

Hyne T2 Red is resistant against Mastotermes darwiniensis and hence Hyne T2 Red is recommended and guaranteed for use in areas north of the Tropic of Capricorn. In areas south of the Tropic of Capricorn, we recommend the use of Hyne T2 Blue however T2 Red is suitable also. Hyne T2 Red is designed for use in interior building applications that are not subject to weathering or fungal attack. For protection against these hazards we recommend the use of Hyne H3 Framing or Hyne Primed.
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What about Australian Standards and State Legislation?

Tanilith T has been included in AS 1604.1 for use as a termite resistant building material. Tanalith T also has approval under TUMA (Timber Utilisation and Marketing Act – QLD) and TMA (Timber Marketing Act – NSW).
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How do I Order Hyne T2 Red?

Hyne T2 Red is available from most recognised timber merchants and fabricators throughout Australia. For further information please contact the Hyne Info Line 1300 30 4963.
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