For Builders and Tradesmen

At Hyne, we know that builders and tradesmen want products and services that perform. Our Hyne Packages deliver innovative products that are structurally superior, cost effective and easy to install.

As well, choosing Hyne means that you are helping to protect our environment for future generations.


Hyne for You. Reliable. High Performance. Cost Effective.

This comprehensive engineered timber range contains many new generation, high performance products to simplify construction and improve structural integrity. You can respect your client’s investment expectations by choosing Hyne Engineered Timber Products.

A range of quality softwood framing products for internal use with termite protection, or treated for external, outdoor structural applications. Choose the most appropriate, cost-effective framing solution for your building projects.

Builders can be assured of the availability of Hyne products and services from their regular timber suppliers who can source their requirements in pack lots or in job lots directly from their local Hyne Wholesale outlet.

Check out more info with our Hyne Design software

Hyne Design continues the evolution of the leading edge structural timber design software. Quickly and easily Builders and Tradesmen can select the most compatible, functional and cost effective Hyne structural products that will enhance your projects. Hyne Design also includes Hyne Ezydraw the conceptual 3D modelling and drawing package. Download Hyne Design