For Designers and Engineers

Hyne Packages provide proven performance for strength and structural integrity, making them perfect for new houses, commercial projects, renovations and nearly any other building project. You’ll be able to specify Hyne Packages with confidence, knowing that Hyne is readily available through building material suppliers who access their stocks from Hyne Wholesale.

As well, choosing Hyne means that you are helping to protect our environment for future generations


Hyne for You. Innovative. Aesthetic. Reliable.

Keep up to date with the latest, innovative engineered timber products that deliver high performance and ease of construction. Enhance your design capability using Hyne Design to choose the most efficient structural timber building material outcome for your project.

Design with confidence using our Hyne Frame Package which contains high quality structural softwood framing that’s been mechanically graded to ensure fitness for purpose. Hyne Frame provides framing solutions for all structural applications.

Specify Hyne products with confidence, knowing that Hyne has twelve conveniently located regional Wholesale outlets throughout east-coast Australia, providing readily available supply wherever the project is located.

Check out more info with our Hyne Design software

Hyne Design continues the evolution of the leading edge strucural timber design software.Quickly and easily Designers and Engineers can select the most compatible, functional and cost effective Hyne structural products that will enhance your projects. Hyne Design also includes Hyne Ezydraw the conceptual 3D modelling and drawing package. Download Hyne Design