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For Home Owners

At Hyne, we are focused on producing and supplying structural timber products using the latest technology to improve the structural integrity of the houses and renovations built using Hyne products. Our decorative timber products, produced from Hyne Araucaria, provide a finish and texture to enhance the appearance of your home.

We are confident that Hyne Packages will provide you the Home Owner with the best choice of timber products to enhance and protect your investment.

Hyne for You. Functional. Beautiful. Environmentally Friendly.

Hyne Engineered Timber Products are perfect for new houses, commercial projects, renovations and almost any other building project.
it is important to know that the materials which make up the home are not only high quality products but that they provide comfort and security about the investment.
Hyne Wholesale provides their customers with this most comprehensive range of timber products, ensuring you the home owner can walk into your local builder or timber merchant and ask for Hyne.
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We know how important it is to look after our resource

In an age where climate change and environmental credentials are important, it’s great to know that Hyne products are actually greenhouse positive. Hyne’s range of structural softwood products are produced from renewable resources that actually help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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