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Hyne for You

At Hyne, we’re striving to be number one in your eyes.

Hyne Packages have been structured to contain products, services, information and benefits for You Our Customers, for You the Builder and Tradesman, for You the Building Designer and Engineer and for You the Home Owner.

For Builders and Tradesmen

For Builders and Tradesmen
Hyne has a comprehensive range of Product Packages that can enhance your business.

For Designers and Engineers

For Designers and Engineers
Hyne Packages provide a range of innovative, engineered structural products supported by Hyne Design software and the Hyne Technical Team.

For Home Owners

For Home Owners
Information that will help you to decide the most appropriate Hyne products and services for your new home or renovation.

For Our Customers

Four Hyne Customers
We have a concise summary of all Hyne Packages to provide you with the best service and range of timber products that will help you to service your customers.

For Commercial and Multi-Res Developers

Four Commercial and Multi-Res
Timber framed construction provides a viable alternative with the added benefits associated with timber.