Frequently Asked T2 Red Questions

Australia is home to over 350 termite species, which are estimated by the CSIRO to cause more damage than fire and storms combined. Yet home insurance in Australia doesn’t cover termite damage. This is especially important if you live in Tropical Queensland, as the risk of termite damage is even greater. T2 Red is the leading brand of termite resistant framing for north of the Tropic of Capricorn (Rockhampton, Queensland).
T2 Red FAQ's

Is it safe?

  • Yes. Hyne Timber treated framing products are safe for all mammals, including humans. In fact, you’d most commonly find the active ingredient in agricultural crops, head lice shampoo and certain lines of clothing.


Why is it red?

  • The red colouring is just clothes dye, and applied for on-site identification purposes (during construction) only.


How long does it last?

  • T2 Red is guaranteed to remain termite resistant for at least 25 years.


What maintenance is required?

  • No costly annual inspections or maintenance is required. T2 Red is a set-and-forget approach to termite protection.


Do I need a barrier system as well?

  • The National Construction Code (NCC) provides two options for resisting termite attack: Termite resistant materials (as primary building elements) OR Termite barrier systems.
  • T2 Red is a termite resistant material and may be used solely or in conjunction with other termite resistant materials to satisfy the NCC performance requirements.


Where can it be used?

  • Indoors, above ground only as either an alternative or to complement termite barrier systems. Note that T2 Blue is only guaranteed for use south of the Tropic of Capricorn (Rockhampton, Qld), T2 Red is for up north.


How do I tell if it’s T2 Red?

  • Our products are marked at regular intervals with the Hyne Timber brand.


Can I cut it?

  • Yes. T2 Red can be cut, notched, drilled or planed without any resealing requirements.


What should I do with off-cuts?

  • The active constituent in our treated framing is biodegradable and safe to dispose of normally. Off-cuts can be burnt in industrial incineration processes, but are not suitable for use as a domestic heating or cooking fuel.


Will it corrode metal fittings / fasteners?

  • No. Normal steel nails and plates are suitable for use as fixings.


Is it environmentally friendly?

  • Yes. All Hyne Timber softwood (pine) products are sustainably sourced, Greenhouse Positive and organic.


Does it meet the National Construction Code?

  • You bet.
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