Hyne Timber Pine Decking

90 x 22mm High Density Pine.

Hyne Timber Pine Decking is a cost effective solution for outdoor living. Made in Australia and developed for our harsh local climate, Pine Decking is produced from high density, plantation sourced pine that has been treated for termite and fungus resistance. And when coated and maintained properly, Pine Decking will provide a great looking outdoor area for your home.


  • Resistant to termite and insect attack.
  • Resistant to fungul attack and wood rot.
  • Available in set long lengths.
  • Made in Australia from sustainable, plantation resources.


  • Length:Set length packs of 3.6m, 4.8m, 5.4m, 6.0m
  • Width:90mm
  • Depth:22mm


  • For best results, install Pine Decking grooved side face down.


  • Remember to pre-drill and countersink fixings, and allow a 5mm gap between boards.


  • Hyne Timber Pine Decking must be sealed with an appropriate finishing product, on all four surfaces, prior to installation.
  • Pine Decking must be regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure long product life.