Our Exports

As a major Australian exporter of softwood, Hyne Timber has established itself as a reputable and reliable supplier to the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific Rim. Our exports focus on a small and selected range of products that complements Hyne’s major sales focus in the Australian domestic market, with the sizes, grades and lengths of the exports products strictly limited to those that are required domestically.

Hyne Timber Frame and Engineered Timber Products combine with some utility (industrial) grades and green sawn sizes (anti sap stain dipped) for average monthly exports totalling around 10,000 cubic metres.

Hyne Timber is committed to long term supply arrangements for our export business. We establish fundamental supply arrangements with all export customers, based on a complete understanding of their end-use requirements, and then allocate specified volumes to committed orders on a quarterly basis at a fixed price. Our export service objective is to continually supply these orders on time and in full.

In an age where climate change and environmental credentials are important, it’s great to know that Hyne’s softwood products are actually greenhouse positive, produced from renewable resources that actually help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information on overseas export simply phone Hyne on +61-7-3131 3110 or go to contact us – export and fill out an online enquiry.