Hyne Frame Operations


Our Tuan mill produces Hyne Frame and is located in the largest exotic pine plantation in Queensland, a few minutes drive south-east of Maryborough. The sawmill, kiln drying and processing operation, was re-built and upgraded in 2002 to process in excess of 700,000 cubic metres of logs annually into high strength structural softwood framing.
Tuan is the home of Hyne T2 Blue and Hyne T2 Red, which are in line processes to protect Hyne Frame from termite attack.

Hyne Frame Tuan
Phone Road
Queensland 4650

Telephone: 07 4121 1311
Facsimile: 07 4122 4132
Email: tuan@hyne.com.au

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On the south-western slopes of the Great Dividing Range in New South Wales is our Tumbarumba sawmill, which has also been upgraded using the latest North American technology to process 900,000 cubic metres per annum of radiata sawlog. The significant, high level upgrade to the plant makes Tumbarumba Australia’s largest softwood operation. Hyne T2 Blue, our termite resistant framing for southern Australia, is also produced at Tumbarumba.

Hyne Frame Tumbarumba
Jingellic Road
New South Wales 2653

Telephone: 02 6948 9300
Facsimile: 02 6948 9325
Email: tumbarumba@hyne.com.au