Egger OS’Brace®

Strong. Lightweight. Moisture Resistant.

Egger OS’Brace is a high quality structural bracing panel designed and manufactured specifically for the Australian construction industry. With up to 6 kN/m racking resistance and excellent moisture resistance properties, OS’Brace provides outstanding strength, long-term dimensional stability and is resistant to splitting and delamination.

Builders love using OS’Brace because it is lightweight (making installation a breeze), easy to cut, nail, screw and drill. OS’Brace also has a clean, fresh timber appearance with none of the typical veneer defects common to plywood.

Designers and specifiers are continually on the lookout for greener building material options. OS’Brace is a high quality, bracing sheet that’s highly environmentally considerate and is an ultra low formaldehyde emitting product.

Timber merchants and roof truss and wall frame manufacturers now supply OS’Brace knowing that they can match H2 treated bracing with their T2 Blue and T2 Red termite resistant framing solutions.

Egger OS’Brace is made from softwood strands sourced from sustainably managed forests fully certified to FSC and PEFC chain-of-custody schemes.

Available Sizes (mm)

  • 2440, 2745, 3050 x 900mm
  • 2440, 2745, 3050 x 1200mm


  • 6mm

Pieces per Pack

  • 90


  • Available both untreated and H2 treated.

System Design and Installation

Standard Fasteners

For the Egger OS’Brace systems, 2.8mm diameter x 30mm flat head galvanised or corrosion resistant nails or their gun driven equivalent are specified according AS 1684 – 1999. Fastener edge distances along top and bottom plates and edge studs should be a minimum of 15mm and 8mm where panels butt along internal studs.

Anchoring Bottom Plates

Anchoring of bottom plates shall be in accordance with AS1684-1999 or designed in accordance with AS1720.1 -1997. Hold down provided in the Egger OS’Brace bracing system provides bracing resistance. Additional fixings (cyclone rods) may be required to resist uplift forces and must be appropriately designed and installed.


Egger OS’Brace H2 Blue is registered for compliance with the Timber Marketing Act 1977 (New South Wales) and the Queensland Timber and Marketing Act 1987. The design criteria for OS’Brace are based upon AS1684-1999 Residential Timber Framed Construction. The system has also been engineered and tested to comply with the performance requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

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