Hyne Engineered Timber Products

Hyne Timber is an Australian manufacturer of locally grown structural products made primarily from renewable Australian plantation softwood. As a privately owned Australian company, we offer a complete and comprehensive range of engineered timber products commonly called Glulam timber.

The Hyne Engineered Timber Products Package provides confidence in a cost effective design outcome that is supported by a fully certified engineered timber design software package and a skilled, knowledgeable and friendly Hyne Timber Technical Team ready to assist with design solutions and advice.

For all enquiries on our Glulam timber products, or to find your nearest retailer around Australia, please call 1300 304 963 or email hyneltp@hyne.com.au.


Design Flexibility. Structural Integrity.

Hyne Beam 17

The strongest softwood, traditionally glue laminated beam in the market. Hyne Beam 17C is ideally suited where superior performance coupled with ease of construction makes it a natural choice.

Hyne Beam 18

Our light coloured Australian hardwood laminated beam that provides an alternative to Hyne Beam 17C, particularly where appearance that displays the warmth and character of the light coloured laminates is preferred.

Hyne Beam 21

Big, bold and beautiful. That’s our traditional, high strength glue laminated beam that’s also naturally durable. Hyne Beam 21C offers unequalled design opportunities for aesthetic expression and creative flair.

Hyne LGL

This laminated, solid softwood range is produced for limited applications in the tropics and where above ground, external applications require H3 durability and protection.