Beam 17

The strongest pine glulam beam available

Hyne Beam 17 is the strongest softwood glue laminated beam available, with numerous structural applications, particularly where high load and critical performance is required.

The renowned natural strength of timber is enhanced with our glue laminating process, ensuring Beam 17 is lightweight and ideal for long span / high load applications.
Builders know how practical Hyne Beam 17 is for lintels over large window and door openings and for garage beams, or as roof beams where spans over large spaces are dictated by design. Readily available, in the commonly used range of sizes and lengths, they are much easier to install than steel.

Beam 17 is produced from renewable resources protecting our environment for future generations.

Stock Sizes

    • 65mm x 130, 165, 195, 230, 260, 295, 330, 360mm
    • 85mm x 130, 165, 195, 230, 260, 295, 330, 360mm

Other sizes up to 425 x 65, up to 590 x 85 and from 130 to 590 x 135 are available made to order. Please refer to Hyne Design for more details. Custom sizes are also available for commercial work. Visit our Laminated Timber Projects page here


  • Available in lengths from 3.0 to 15.6 in 0.3 increments


  • Available in either untreated, LOSP H2 or H3 treated

Grade (AS 1328.1-1998)

  • Structural grade complies with Appearance Grade C
  • Select grade complies with Appearance Grade A

You’re welcome to contact us for further information about Beam 17, simply contact Hyne Timber Product Information Service at or 1300 304 963.