Hyne Beam 18

Performance. Strength. Appearance.

Preferred for its light colour in internal exposed situations Hyne Beam 18 creates a warmth and ambiance in these specific design applications. Also available as a structural grade, for applications where appearance is unimportant, Hyne Beam 18 is best suited for use as lintels or roof beams.

Builders use this Victorian Ash laminated beam with confidence for traditional building applications in both domestic dwellings and for commercial structures.

Architects, Designers and Engineers all understand the versatility of Hyne Beam 18 for use in similar applications as Hyne Beam 17, but where the hardwood properties of Hyne Beam 18 are most suited, particularly when a light coloured timber appearance is preferred.

Timber merchants, wall and roof truss manufacturers can source this made to order glulam beam as part of the Hyne ETP package through Hyne Wholesale.

Hyne Beam 18 is produced from renewable resources protecting our environment for future generations.


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