Beam 21

High Strength Timber Beams

Hyne Beam 21 is our premier laminated timber beam designed specifically for high load, appearance applications. Produced from rich coloured and textured Queensland hardwoods, Hyne Beam 21 is naturally durable and termite resistant.

For builders, Hyne Beam 21 is known as our original engineered and glue laminated hardwood beam with a superb record for strength and performance.

Engineers have found Hyne Beam 21 can substitute for steel in many applications where high loads are supported, while architects and designers favour Hyne Beam 21 in appearance applications. Exhibiting deep rich colours, architecturally the intrinsic characteristics of these beams offers unequalled opportunities for creative design.

Mainly available in appearance grade, Hyne Beam 21 is made to order. Timber merchants and other timber suppliers can source their specific job lot requirements from Hyne Wholesale.

Hyne Beam 21 is produced from renewable resources protecting our environment for future generations.


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