Hyne Frame

Strong. Stable. Reliable.

Mechanically graded Hyne Frame is produced from plantation grown Australian softwood for structural use in building. The three grades MGP10, MGP12, and MGP15 comply with AS/NZS1748 and design properties specified in AS1720.1 (both 1997 and 2010 versions). The mechanical grading ensures that every piece of Hyne Frame is checked to have the specific design properties and characteristics specified for its designated grade. The appropriate MGP grade is ink jet marked onto the face of each piece for easy recognition.

Australian builders are familiar with MGP grades and can determine the appropriate size and grade required for the particular structural end use application. Hyne Frame is planer gauged after high temperature kiln drying, to ensure its consistent size and suitability, making it easy for builders to use.

Building designers and specifiers understand the importance of selecting structural timber which is graded to be fit for purpose. In wall frames and roof trusses, Hyne Frame delivers the consistency and accuracy that will ensure that new house or renovation designs deliver strength and stability for the structural elements of the project.

Wall frame and roof truss manufacturers as well as timber merchants have come to rely upon their allocated availability of Hyne Frame. Delivered in requested regular volumes each month, either directly from the mill or from the local Hyne Wholesale, Hyne Frame provides a consistent reliable source of structural softwood framing for building in Australia.

Hyne Frame is produced from renewable resources protecting our environment for future generations.