Hyne Timber T2 Red

Afforable. Secure. Guaranteed.

Hyne T2 Red is our easily identifiable (red), affordable, readily available structural softwood framing that has become the preferred choice for new home owners and builders in tropical Queensland. Hyne T2 Red provides absolute protection against tropical termites (mastotermes darwinensis) while at the same time being totally safe for humans and other mammals.

Builders in the north know full well that building in the tropics has special requirements, particularly in relation to the elements. Hyne T2 Red affords builders that additional protection against termites and this full H2 level treatment of quality, mechanically graded Hyne Frame comes with a 25 year guarantee. The non-toxic nature of Hyne T2 Red means that it’s completely safe to use and you won’t be overwhelmed by the odour.

Hyne T2 Red is produced from renewable resources protecting our environment for future generations.


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