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Hyne Laminated Timber Projects

The Hyne Laminated Timber Products Package can bring plans and projects to life, creating unequalled design flexibility and the strength to handle almost any load. With proven performance for strength and structural integrity, Hyne Glue Laminated Timber Products are perfect for a wide range of commercial or industrial building projects and for multi-residential construction.

The Hyne Laminated Timber Products Package provides confidence in a cost effective design outcome that is supported by our fully certified engineered timber design software package, Hyne Design. Hyne can supply and deliver to your specific requirements and back everything up with a friendly, highly specialised technical sales team.

This comprehensive Glue laminated engineered timber range contains new generation, high performance products to simplify construction, improve structural integrity and offer unequalled design opportunities. The range includes:
Hyne Beam 17, Hyne Beam 18, Hyne Beam 21, and Hyne LGL.

To speak to a Laminated Timber Project Specialist regarding design, fabrication, or costing of structural and architectural timber solutions for your project, please email hyneltp@hyne.com.au or call 1300 30 4963.

Featured Commercial Projects

GHD Auditorium

The decision to construct the auditorium entirely out of timber was a means to demonstrate the capability of the material at a scale for which it is usually not considered..

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UNE Potting Shed

James Cubitt Architects worked closely with Hyne Timber to select a timber beam solution that achieved not only the structural requirements but importantly allowed the structure to become an integral design outcome. The use of Laminated beams offered the clear floor span required of the Potting Shed.

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Kingaroy Crematorium

The rambling, rural setting on the outskirts of Kingaroy, sits adjacent to the historic Baadinga Cemetery. On approach, down the poplar lined avenue, the building subtly folds out of fields of yellow and green,floating amidst an 'oasis like' pocket of eucalypts.

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Sealy Lookout

The brief from Forests NSW was to design a platform that gives improved views to the north and south, and that showcases the use of Australian hardwoods.It was decided to show how steel and timber could be used in combination to give a dramatic structure that was generous in length and exciting to be on.

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Mingara One Centre

The external fa├žade of the centre is nine metres in height and Graphite Architects wanted to specify striking timber blades that reached the full height of the building, rather than panelling.

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RAAF Fitness Centre

Hyne was involved with this project from the preliminary design and engineering stages. To achieve the 20.4 metre length needed for the 38 main rafters required innovative thinking from Hyne's behalf.

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BCC Pool Projects

The final design methodology adopted was the result of a close liaison between the project Architects, the Structural Engineers, the BCC Sustainable Design team, and HYNE.

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Rainbow Beach Hall

"The use of the Hyne Portals was a must - along with the substantial timber posts sheltering the entrance and along the North and South verandas."

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