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Hyne Decking

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Durable. Versatile. Beautiful.

Hyne Decking is very much about the great outdoors, produced as the traditional Australian home-grown, high quality hardwood decking that has stood the test of time. Hyne Decking has high durability and great versatility as well as the unique natural colour and beauty that enhance Aussie decks, patios and verandahs.

In addition, Hyne Wholesale stock high quality, imported, select grade hardwood decking which is sourced from sustainably managed forests and has independently assessed Forest Management and Chain of Custody Certification. The species, Merbau and Yellow Balau are also naturally durable and can be used in similar applications as Hyne Decking.

Australian builders know that Hyne Decking is suitable for all outdoor and weather exposed applications, that it is low maintenance and easy to clean and that it will take the hard knocks of family life. Importantly builders can rely on Hyne Decking to provide long lasting performance and great looks as well.

Designers and specifiers can rely upon Hyne Decking to be totally fit for purpose and to enhance those outdoor areas of their designs. Complying with the requirements of Australian standards Hyne Decking is produced from Durability Class 1 and Class 2 hardwoods that have proven, long term durability and reliability.

Hyne Wholesale has Hyne Decking readily available for timber merchants in pack lots of specific species or mixed hardwoods as well as pack lots of Imported Merbau and Yellow Balau.


Select Grade

A clean, modern appearance obtained by selecting boards showing a minimal amount of natural features whilst exposing the tones and textures that distinguish the rich colours and grain patterns of the timber. This premium grade limits other natural features in the timber.

Standard and Better Grade

A mixture of select and standard grades.

Standard Grade

A grade which allows some of the natural features, including gum veins, insect markings, surface checks and small knots, while at the same time maintaining durability and structural performance.

Utility Grade

Embossed with nature’s signature. This grade allows a high level of natural features, including gum veins, insect markings, surface checks and small knots and other natural imperfections. It will often be supplied with shorter length material.


  • Species FOREST REDS
  • Grade select | standard
  • Availability 3.0
  • Sizes 65 x 19, 86 x 19, 136 x 19
  • Species SPOTTED GUM
  • Grade select | standard
  • Availability 5.0
  • Sizes 65 x 19, 86 x 19, 136 x 19, 136 x 32
  • Species IRON BARK
  • Grade select | standard
  • Availability 3.0
  • Sizes 65 x 19, 86 x 19, 136 x 19
  • Grade select | standard
  • Availability 4.0
  • Sizes 65 x 19, 86 x 19, 136 x 19, 136 x 32
  • Species MERBAU
  • Grade select
  • Availability 5.0
  • Sizes 90 x 19
  • Species YELLOW BALAU
  • Grade select
  • Availability 5.0
  • Sizes 42 x 19, 70 x 19, 90 x 19
Availability       on a scale 1 - 5 with 5 being most available.


Hyne Decking should be fixed and finished as per Timber Queensland installation and finishing instructions. All fixings in weather exposed conditions should be hot dipped galvanized or stainless steel nails (not zinc plated). For corrosive environments such as around pools, stainless steel nails and fixtures should be used to ensure longer life for your deck.


There are a number of finishing options for timber decks including leaving a natural finish. Exposure to weather will eventually result in the surface colour of uncoated decking changing to a silver grey colour. To maintain colour and achieve maximum life from Hyne Decking apply an appropriate sealing coat to the surface. The use of penetrating oil or stain finishes will help protect decking from weathering.


The frequency of maintenance will depend on the type of finish and how much exposure to weather your deck endures. Regular cleaning of your deck should be done by dry methods such as sweeping. Pot plants should be placed on trays to prevent overflowing. It is recommended to use specialist timber decking cleaners to remove ground in dirt. To achieve long-term performance from your deck a regular maintenance program in regard to your selected finish coatings should be reapplied. Decking in weather-exposed conditions will require re application of the decking finish at shorter intervals. On average you should expect protection for 12 months from oils and 1-2 years from stains. For further information about maintenance, finishing and fixing details visit the Timber Queensland website at: www.timberqueensland.com.au.

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You’re welcome to contact us for further information about Hyne Decking or the Hyne Wholesale Package, simply contact Hyne Product Info Service at info@hyne.com.au or 1300 30 4963.