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Hyne Wholesale

Hyne Wholesale is the distribution division of Hyne, with 12 conveniently located warehouses on the east-coast of Australia from Cairns in the north to Melbourne in the south. Hyne Wholesale stocks a core range of Hyne Frame, Hyne Engineered Timber Products and Hyne Araucaria as well as a number of other timber building materials sourced from reputable, reliable suppliers and from sustainable resources in Australia and around the world.

Hyne Wholesale provides customers with this most comprehensive range of timber products, in one place at one time with just one order. As well, the Hyne Wholesale sales team are friendly, with excellent product knowledge and technical expertise.

Peter Hyne, a fifth generation Hyne family member, now leads the Wholesale Division with a group of Regional and Branch Managers who are second to none. As a proudly Australian owned private company, Hyne produces quality innovative Australian softwood products from Australian renewable plantation softwood, for Australian climatic conditions with Australian customers and consumers uppermost in our mind.

We’re confident, that when you consider the benefits of our Hyne Wholesale Package, you’ll choose Hyne Wholesale every time.

Hyne Wholesale Package. Comprehensive Range. Aussie Reliability.

Hyne Truebeams

With proven performance for strength and structural integrity, Hyne Engineered Timber Products are perfect for new houses, commercial projects, renovations and almost any other building project.

Hyne Trueframe

The Hyne Frame Package delivers the consistency and accuracy that will ensure that new house or renovation designs deliver strength, stability and security for the structural elements of the project.

Hyne Decking

Hyne Decking is very much about the great Australian outdoors. Our decking material has high durability and great versatility with the unique natural beauty of Australian hardwood.

Hyne OS'Brace

A premium structural sheet bracing that's produced specifically for Australian conditions, HyneOS'Brace® is an engineered, three layered flat-pressed OSB panel providing a long term performance and excellent dimensional stability.

Hyne Design

Our comprehensive design software that facilitates a choice of sizes and spans for your preferred Hyne structural products. It's available as a download from this website.

Hyne Flooring

Whether it be a new suburban home, city townhouse , busy corporate office, restaurant or hotel, Hyne Flooring creates a warmth and ambiance that will stand the test of time.

Greenhouse positive…

In an age where climate change and environmental credentials are important community values, it’s great to know that the Hyne ETP range is actually greenhouse positive. With a growing focus on building materials that have low impact on the construction site, for building materials to be truly green, it’s all about where they’re sourced and the environmental impact of their manufacture. The simple fact is, responsibly sourced plantation timber products such as Hyne ETP, are one of only a few building materials that actually help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Find out more…


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