Glue Laminated Timber – this isn’t your usual love story

Hyne Timber has released its new Glue Laminated Timber (GLT) campaign - and it’s not what you'd expect from an Australian softwood processor.

Playing on the love story Hyne Timber has with Australian pine, and with a focus on building relationships at every stage of the design and construction journey, the new campaign features plenty of cheeky puns and innuendo.

It's part of Hyne Timber's service-based marketing strategy which sees the company working closely with both the specification and construction supply chains.

Hyne Timber Marketing Manager, Jeremy Mead, said: "We're really happy with this playful approach and hope it will inspire product specifiers to rekindle their passion with GLT.

"The aim is to find the fun angle in a time when complex issues like non-compliance, increased regulation and ambitious sustainability goals are becoming key motivators in our industry. It's a crucial step in driving engagement and interest in very complex topics.

"It complements our T3 Green Plus video campaign in its effort to differentiate Hyne Timber, while motivating the building trades to get more familiar with the products they're using.

"It's a theory we’ve borrowed from the edutainment industry, and has seen us develop unbelievably strong engagement and interest."

Download the new GLT Brochure

XOXO, Hyne Timber