Hyne Community Trust Grants Opening Soon

It's time for Tumbarumba community groups to start formalising their project details with the Hyne Community Trust calling for applications from June 2018 for projects valued over $10,000.

The Hyne Community Trust has been supporting community projects since 2007 totalling over $450,000 being contributed to date.

Dale McLachlan, the Trust's recently appointed Chairman said this round of grants are for larger community projects that can demonstrate long term benefit to the Tumbarumba Community.

"We have been able to support significant projects over the years including most recently, the award of $50,000 towards the new Cycle Tumbarumba Pump Track.

"I understand this grant enabled Cycle Tumbarumba to take their case further and successfully apply for the remaining $149,500 awarded by the NSW Government under the Stronger Country Communities funding program.

"Further supported by the Snowy Valleys Council, work is expected to commence around September with a custom designed, state-of-the-art Pump Track ready for use by the summer.

Mr McLachlan went on to explain the significance of projects like this to the town.

"A Pump Track will be around for years to come, it's something all ages can enjoy and get involved with whether on a bike, skateboard or scooter.

"I'd like to congratulate Cycle Tumbarumba President Peter Marshall and the many volunteers who worked so hard to get this project funded," he said.

Sample Pump Track in Gladstone, QLD. Image Courtesy of World Trail.

The Pump Track is expected to be 150 metres long with final designs and construction subject to a tender process.

The announcement has been met with a wealth of support from the community including social media with the closest of its kind being an hour away in Wagga.

Cycle Tumbarumba President and cycling enthusiast Peter Marshall said physical activity should be a life habit, introduced and normalised from a young age.

"A Pump Track is a fun, off-road circuit designed and contoured to be ridden by pumping the bike as opposed to peddling it.

"They are a progression from original BMX trail’s and can be used by skateboards and scooters also.

"Cycling is fantastic recreational activity and it’s important to get out and about, keeping fit and active no matter what your age and cycling ability is.

"Physical activity shouldn’t be a chore, it should be a fun part of day to day activities.

"The project is a great standalone addition to the towns recreational activities and also helps to set Tumbarumba up as a cycling destination into the future.

"We have many ambitious plans to increase cycle tracks and opportunities and we continue to speak with the relevant authorities to get these opportunities happening." Mr Marshall concluded.

The Hyne Community Trust applications open on the 1st June and remain open for the month.

Remembering all applications must be for grants valued over $10,000 and are subject to a competitive process, successful applications will demonstrate one or more of the following:
  • Cooperation between organisations to ensure that a wide range of people can benefit from community resources;
  • Increasing the range of, and access to, quality community, recreational, social and cultural projects, programs and services;
  • Community development initiatives and socially responsible community projects; and:
  • Support for organisations that are working to assist economically or socially disadvantaged people.
The Hyne Community Trust Directors will shortlist applications ahead of interviewing applicants to gain further insight including timeframes and discuss potential funding of their proposed project.

Directors include Hyne Timber employee's, Dale McLachlan and Katie Fowden, Snowy Valleys Councillor, Bruce Wright, and Tumbarumba community members, Janet Anderson, Bernadette Alleyn and Ian Chaffey.

For further information or to discuss eligibility, visit our dedicated page or email Tumbatrust@hyne.com.au.

The Hyne Community Trust is in addition to the company's sponsorship and donations policy which accepts and processes requests from not-for-profit and registered charities all year round in accordance with criteria. Click here for more information.

Note, if a Hyne Community Trust proposal doesn't meet the guidelines including the minimum $10,000 value, applicants may want to consider whether the Tumbarumba Small Grants program is more applicable. This supports programs, activities or events up to the value of $5,000 that assist the Tumbarumba community. These are separately managed with support from the Hyne Community Trust, Bendigo Bank and the Snowy Valley's Council.

Photo (from left to right): Cycle Tumbarumba Vice President and Hyne Timber Employee James Davies, Hyne Community Trust Chair Dale McLachlan with Cycle Tumbarumba’s President, Peter Marshall.