Hyne Timber Donates T3 Green Plus for New Outdoor Community Project

The Jeay's Street Community Centre in Bowen Hills, Brisbane provides a safe, open space for community members to access formal and informal community-based support.

This latest project extends the Community Kitchen which is located at the adjacent community gardens and is a collaboration between Jeay's Street community members, Red Cross and Unqualified Design Studio.

The new space aims to provide a connection point, a gathering place and a space for social activities for local residents. With the support of Hyne Timber's donation of timber, the extension provides a practical seating area where community members can eat and socialise.

Unqualified Design Studio assisted Red Cross in facilitating a number of workshops where community members could share their thoughts on the design before actively contributing to the construction.

The community team built bench seats with the pine donated by Hyne Timber, catering for social gathering under the new timber structure.

In our practice we often talk about the benefits of timber and biophilic design – how nature inspired design positively impacts our lives, but we don't always get the opportunity to consider how the creative design process and the craftsmanship involved during the design and construction phases contribute to the health and wellbeing of communities. It's through skill-sharing and collaborative design that we can ensure those most impacted by social challenges have a say in designing and implementing solutions.

It's a goal that runs through many of the projects Unqualified Design Studio take part in and Hyne Timber is proud to have supported a project, that engages a variety of audiences while actively contributing to the role that architecture and design plays in shaping our communities.