Last Chance for Hyne Community Trust Grants 2019

Tumbarumba based community groups have until Sunday to submit their applications for a grant valued over $10,000 as part of the Hyne Community Trust.

The application form and guidelines are available on the Hyne Timber website as well as hard copies available at the Tumbarumba Council Offices reception. 

In addition to the full support of the Tumbarumba Times, promotion of the Trust grants have been aided by Radio Upper Murray (RUM) community broadcasters.

RUM Presenter, Martin Brown said a few years ago, the radio received a Hyne Community Trust grant to assist with upgrading equipment needed to stay in touch with listeners.

“The Hyne Community Trust provided us with much needed funds to purchase new technology which was essential at the time to keep us on air.

“As a community broadcaster, we rely on the ongoing support of the Snowy Valleys Council who provide us with our facility in addition to private sponsorships and grants to cover our operating costs and investment in improved technology.” Mr Brown said.

The Radio Upper Murray studio is located at the Tumbarumba Showgrounds where volunteering presenters promote all things local while playing a range of music.

Hyne Community Trust Director, Katie Fowden said the radio also delivers a unique opportunity for local students, further value adding to the community.

“A number of Tumbarumba High School media studies students have the opportunity to plan real programs and put them to air.

“One of the youngest presenters is an eleven year old who has the 'Phoenix Hour' which has been running for the past 12 months.

“What a great opportunity for a young person to explore this area as a potential future career and get ahead with real experience.”

“This type of community initiative is exactly the kind of partnership we are looking for with the Hyne Community Trust grants. Successful applications will all be able to demonstrate lasting benefits to the community.” Ms Fowden said.

The Hyne Community Trust has been supporting community projects since 2007 totalling over $500,000 being contributed to date.

Community groups considering applying for a Hyne Community Trust grant this month should start by reviewing the guidelines available here and consider how their application will provide long lasting benefits to the community.

Projects must be valued over $10,000 in order to meet the criteria.

For more information, visit or email [email protected].



Hyne Community Trust: 0455 087 118

RUM Presenter, Martin Brown: 0405 509 329