Raising our new roof

The 4,000m2 roof for our new plant at Maryborough Queensland, is supported by GL 17 beams – all shop detailed and prefabricated by us.

Bloc Design, from Hervey Bay, used our BIM (Building Information Modelling) library in the design process. The BIM library contains all beam product details from dimensions, mass and volume, down to beam colours and textures that can be brought to life in 3D models.

Over 1,300 pieces were employed in construction of this $20 million plant. It’s a project that shows what’s possible with engineered timber, which to the surprise of many, carries a strength-to-weight ratio stronger than steel.

Further internal building elements have also been designed and manufactured using Cross Laminated Timber from another Hyne company – XLam.

Plus, the timber used in construction is all sourced from Queensland grown, certified softwood plantations.

Stay tuned for official plant opening news.