Southern Vale Homes, Dahlsens & Hyne: Building relationships

Hyne Customer Manager Eric Jackson Hope gets to know his customers. Customers like Dahlsens and their own customers – Southern Vale Homes in Albury Wodonga.

Like Eric, Dahlsens' Brent Cochrane, and Southern Vale Homes’ John Fisher believe that successful businesses grow from great relationships.

“We’ve recently cemented a lot of new business with Dahlsens with T2 Blue as the main product” Eric said.

Southern Vale is now planning a new display home build. A build we’re pleased to reveal will feature cut-away wall plaster that shows off the T2 Blue framing that will be a standard, quality feature of new Southern Vale Homes.

During a Tumbarumba Mill Tour, John Fisher of Southern Vale Homes showed how serious he was about developing this partnership further:

“It’s not all about us. Now, it’s about what we can do for your businesses.” John said to Eric.

Pretty amazing stuff to hear from the GM of a building company whose designs are proving more and more popular with a new build starting every week.

The answer stuck Eric straight away, he believed that the three businesses could work together on introducing mid-sized lengths of T2 Blue in to Southern Vale’s orders for plate material.

“Currently, Southern Vale are ordering T2 in lengths of 5.4m and 6.0m. But, it is very interesting to note that no walls on their most popular homes are longer than 4.8m. That makes the conversation about mid-length timber one that’s well worth having. We’re all chatting about how this could work on site. From our point of view, we’ll always be able to provide mid-length timber no matter how strong demand gets. The benefit for a builder in this case are that they would enjoy uninterrupted supply even in the busiest times” Eric said.

A long-term view, great ideas and open lines of communication. Sounds like this relationship is taking off.