Beam 17 Shading Structure

Together with MakMax, Hyne Timber created a custom park shade installation at Belmont and Clyde estate redevelopment in Melbourne. They were looking for a timber / fabric combination to soften the structure and compliment the natural surroundings.

Hyne Timber designed the connections which were fabricated by MakMax, and installed in Hyne Timber’s Glue-laminated Timber (Glulam) Plant near Maryborough.

Hyne Timber manufactured the structural beams to shape and length. They also pre-drilled the beams to fit the steel connections and affixed the connections with epoxy before delivery to site. The pre-fabrication service did speed up the installation process by taking some of the complexity away from the actual job site.

The structure is held up with two impressive glulam beams. The H4 treated Beam 17 product was the perfect fit for this project.  

More info about Beam 17 is available here.

Pictures are Courtesy of MakMax.