Fire Safety Compliance

Fact: Did you know that Mass Timber Construction using fire protected timber combined with sprinkler systems can exceed steel and concrete construction methods in fire safety compliance?

Earlier in 2016, the National Construction Code was changed to allow the use of timber in tall buildings up to 25 metres (8 storeys) in height.

It goes without saying, that significant research was undertaken prior to this announcement including fire engineering analysis. Indeed, the Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council were members of the Australian Building Codes Board Technical Committee.

To support the mid rise design and construction industry transition to timber based construction, Wood Solutions have developed a free Fire Safety Design of Mid-Rise Timber Buildings Guide.

Prefabricated engineered timber in mid-rise and tall construction continues to gain momentum all over the modern world due to the sustainability and environmental credentials, cost efficiencies including less on-site time/quicker, lighter construction benefits with improved safety.

Hyne Timber’s Glue-laminated Timber (Glulam) for example, has the strength and durability to compliment both lightweight timber and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels, including wide span applications. All pre-fabricated in Maryborough, our experts provide solutions including hidden or expressed connections to compliment designs.

Broader understanding of how timber complies with fire safety in mid rise construction is increasing among the leading designers and engineers but has a long way to go.

The work of Wood Solutions is commendable in progressing this further to those who remain unaware. This includes concepts such as fire-protected timber, the use of fire resisting cavity barriers, automated sprinkler systems and generally making the transition to using contemporary timber solutions as simple as possible.

In addition to providing detail on the engineered fire analysis undertaken ahead of the amended National Construction Code announcement, the report also details many design and build case studies for the immediate transition to contemporary timber construction in Australia.

Pictures: Cork Memorial Medical Centre - Regional Architects