Safe for people and the environment.
Plantation Pine
Durawood® Pine Decking is made exclusively from sustainable Responsible Wood and PEFC certified Australian plantation pine resources.
A Truly Sustainable Product
The production and processing of timber is highly energy efficient, giving wood products a very low carbon footprint. Timber can often be used in place of materials like steel, aluminium, concrete or plastics that require large amounts of energy to produce. In fact, substituting a cubic meter of timber for other construction materials (concrete, blocks or bricks) could save up to 1 tonne of CO2 emissions.

Tuan Forest

Storage and Protection
Durawood® Pine Decking is termite and fungal resistant and can resist the effects of weather for short periods, typical of normal construction environments and timescales. However, after delivery and prior to the coating system being applied, it should be protected from moisture by covering with a waterproof membrane and storing above the ground.
As with any timber product, basic hygiene requirements should be followed when handling Durawood® Pine Decking - including the use of appropriate gloves, eye protection and a mask to avoid the inhalation of any dust.
Waste Handling
Durawood® Pine Decking off-cuts and saw dust are not classified as hazardous waste and can be disposed through normal waste collection and disposal services.