Durawood® Pine Decking is a cost effective solution for outdoor living. Made in Australia and developed for our harsh local climate, Pine Decking is produced from high density, plantation pine that has been treated for termite and fungus resistance. And when coated and maintained properly, Pine Decking will provide a great outdoor living area for your home.
Family Friendly
Durawood® Pine Decking uses an ACQ water-borne preservative treatment that is pressure impregnated into the timber fibres - similar to CCA timber treatments but free of arsenic and chrome. Instead, ACQ uses copper and ammonium compounds as agents against insect attack, fungi, termites and wood boring insects.
Like all timber, treated timber is susceptible to weathering which leads to splitting and cracking. This is especially common where timber is exposed to direct sunlight and / or prolonged moisture. A quality coating product helps to protect timber against the elements and prevents the effects of premature weathering.


A simple clean down with a soft bristle broom will remove most dirt and debris. Avoid excessive wetting and pressure cleaners.

Like any timber product, Durawood® Pine Decking will need re-coating to maintain optimum protection. Reapplication time frames will vary depending on exposure. Regularly monitor for signs of colour loss, dryness and weathering. Note that additional coats will result in a stronger colour radiance.