EGGER OS’Floor is a strong, light weight and moisture resistant flooring product. This alternative to particle board sub-floors will give you and your clients cost-effective peace of mind for a critical part of the house.
Termite Resistance
EGGER OS'Floor is suitable for use in buildings in internal, above ground, dry structural and non-structural applications. EGGER OS'Floor can be used in conjunction with other building materials / systems to resist termite action and meet the performance requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC). Other materials and systems may include termite resistant materials other than EGGER OS'Floor and / or termite barrier systems.
Design Scope

The supporting frame shall comply with AS1720.1, SAA Wood products Structures Code, NZS3604, Timber-framed buildings, or be certified by a professional engineer, as required by the building authority.


EGGER OS'Floor may be used over wood products or metal floor framing systems. For best results with wood product frames, deep floor joists (150mm or more) should be seasoned and gauged. Floor joists shall be securely fixed to bearers. Top edges of the joists must be correctly aligned to provide a flat level surface.

The span information and nail grid should always face upwards. Panels shall be laid with stacked end joints (brickwork pattern) – no cross joins are permitted.

The individual sheet lengths should cover at least two floor joist spaces. If single span cut-in-panels are required, a trimmer (min. 70 x 35mm) must be fixed between the joists to support the middle of the panel.

Construction grade adhesive should be applied to the upper surface of joist members prior to sheet placement (see Use of Adhesive).

EGGER OS'Floor will withstand up to 3 months outdoor exposure without effecting the structural performance. However, whenever possible, exposure to the elements should be limited by suitable measures and the panels should be covered as soon as possible.

EGGER OS'Floor properties may be affected by moisture saturation and/or exposure to sub-zero temperatures. During the exposed period, do not allow water to pond on the surface. Remove water by sweeping and drilling small holes (Ø 6mm) adjacent to plate lines. Do not directly cover panels with sheeting or apply liquid sealers to avoid moisture trapping.

Recommended Span

For a panel thickness of 18mm, the maximum recommended span is 450mm for point loads in domestic and some residential buildings.

Platform Construction

EGGER OS'Floor is particularly suited to platform construction.

The sheet edges are aligned with the outside external wall frames at the building perimeter. Wall components are installed over the EGGER OS’Floor flooring or fixed through the sheets to the joists.

EGGER OS'Floor allows elimination of fixing of trimmers except at square edged joints. Square edges joints within a room must be supported on joists or trimmers.

Fitted Floor Installation

EGGER OS'Floor is laid as a fitting floor up to installed wall frames, laying the marked “Use Axis” at right angles to the floor joist with each edge supported on joist or trimmer.

Minimum 10mm expansion gap shall be provided between flooring edges and wall frames. Skirtings fastened to the wall frame must allow ventilation of the floor space.

Nail Grid

A pre-marked nail grid on the top face of the panels allows fast fixing along the floor joist. Nailing distance from the panel edge should be ≥ 12mm.


Keep fasteners at least 10mm from square edges and at least 20mm from Tongue & Groove edges. Use fasteners in conjunction with adhesive.

Minimum Fastener Specification


50 × 2.8mm:
Bullet, jolt or flat head nails


50 × 2.5mm:
T or finishing head nails


10 × 50mm:
Countersunk head, self-drilling

  • Construction grade adhesives should be used with nail or screw fixings
  • Surfaces which are to be bonded must be clean and dry
  • Positioning of the panels must be done according to the curing time given by the adhesive manufacturer
  • Nail or screw flooring to joists within 15 minutes of positioning sheets
  • Remove excess adhesive from sheets
Brochure Download
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SDS Download
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