Commercial Projects

Our specialised Commercial Projects Team has over 40 years of experience supplying mass timber solutions. This experience enables us to deliver structures with fabrication and connection methods that benefit both the design and construction phases.

Hyne Timber have the experience and CNC capability to ensure that all prefabricated components are expertly designed, cost efficiently achieved, rapidly produced and have world-class accuracy to ensure no on-site hold ups.

Accurate prefabrication is also a way of improving construction time-frames and reducing on-site waste. Our decades of expertise also includes installation and logistics, especially with regards to large or unusual sized components.


With decades of proven performance, Hyne Timber Glue Laminated Timber (GLT) products are an ideal mass timber structural solution for a range of multi-residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use building projects.

GLT is beautiful and versatile, and its intricate structure is surprisingly efficient - making light work of long spans and critical loads, while leveraging the natural aesthetic of wood. Its benefits don’t stop there, Glulam has superior thermal, acoustic and corrosion-resistance values, which make it ideal for portal frame structures, including halls and aquatic sporting facilities.

GLT is also the obvious compliment for Cross laminated Timber (CLT).



Lightweight timber construction is ideal for multi-residential and commercial applications. Because off site timber prefabrication is readily available, multi-residential and commercial structures can be completed in a shorter timeframe and more cost-effectively (including fire and sound rated plasterboards, and termite protected timber) than those framed with other non-timber materials. The associated earth-works and engineering costs can also be significantly improved with a timber based structure.

Lightweight timber framing can be used in structures up to 25m high (as a Deemed to Satisfy solution) in Building Classes 2, 3 and 5.

Hyne Timber is the leading brand in treated timber framing. With two of Australia's largest and most modern softwood mills, our proprietary treatment formulations are protecting over 300,000 Australian homes from termite attack.


Connections can have a huge impact on the aesthetic and feeling of a space, we get that. So we work with you from the start to detail all connections and finishes, to complement your creative vision. In many ways the job is finished before it’s even seen a construction site – reducing installation costs and minimising risk.

  • We have over 40 years of timber design and specification expertise
  • Connections can either be hidden or expressed as a design feature
  • Very long spans are be made possible
  • Accurate, detailed prefabrication can minimise costly onsite installation



Europe and Asia have many examples of timber structures lasting for hundreds, even thousands, of years. The reason these structures have remained strong, is due to the design detailing and maintenance that has been carried out. This is not a lost art however, as our technical team have the knowledge and experience to ensure

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