Frequently Asked T3 Green Plus Questions

T3 Green is being upgraded to T3 Green Plus; a revolutionary, water-based H3 treatment that goes above and beyond the Australian Standards and timber industry conventions. It has a highly consistent light green colour and will remain as straight and stable ever. In addition to these visual and performance advantages, it’s uniquely people and planet friendly, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor structural projects.
T3 Green Plus FAQ's

Where can I use T3 Green Plus?

  • indoors and outdoors, above ground. And because it’s structurally graded, it’s an ideal choice for projects like pergolas, carports, decks and verandas. Think bearers, joists, rafters, battens and beams.


Is it as durable as LOSP products?

  • Absolutely. In fact, T3 Green Plus has been tested and compared in some of the harshest environments.
    Treatment levels are QA tested to Hyne Timber Standards – 33% higher than the Australian Standards and timber industry conventions.


Is it guaranteed?

  • Yes. T3 Green Plus is fully supported and guaranteed by Hyne Timber - for up to 25 years.


Can I cut it?

  • Yes, T3 Green Plus can be cut, notched and planed - but it must be resealed (brushed or sprayed) with a suitable fungal resistant treatment preservative, to ensure the new surfaces aren’t at risk.
  • It can also be glued with any standard two-pack adhesive.


What about painting?

  • As with all timber products used outdoors, T3 Green Plus needs to be protected with a suitable paint or stain coating. Please refer to Hyne Timber Technical Data Sheet #6 for more information about specific conditions.


Is T3 Green Plus safe?

  • Yes. T3 Green Plus is safe for all mammals, including humans.


What’s in the treatment?

  • Ingredients you’d commonly find in food crops, human head lice shampoo and certain lines of clothing, as well as natural fungicides. All active ingredients are organic and non-toxic.
  • T3 Green Plus is treated to H3 standard in compliance with AS1604.1.


What should I do with the off-cuts?

    • You should be able to dispose of offcuts through normal trade waste collection services. For large volumes check with your local waste service authority for disposal restrictions.


Will it Corrode metal fittings / fasteners?

  • No. Normal steel nails and plates are suitable for use as fixings.


How do I tell if it is T3 Green Plus?

  • It’s a consistent light green colour and marked at regular intervals with our T3 Green Plus brand.


Is it environmentally friendly?

  • Yes. T3 Green Plus is sustainably sourced, Greenhouse Positive and organic.


Is it BCA compliant?

Don’t just trust us. T3 Green Plus has achieved rigorous, independent CodeMark certification which means you can be sure of its compliance.
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