In an age where climate change and environmental credentials are important community values, Hyne Timber is proud to manufacture products from sustainable, Australian grown plantation softwood.
Our Commitment
Hyne Timber is committed to the sustainably grown plantation timber production and supply in Australia. It’s renewable, recyclable, waste efficient, biodegradable, non-toxic and it locks carbon away. These environmental credentials secure our future and help to protect our environment for future generations.
Sustainable Development

For Hyne Timber, sustainable development is about ensuring our company contributes lasting benefits to society through the consideration of social, environmental, ethical and economic aspects in all that we do. Working through complex operational issues associated with our operations has highlighted environmental and social performance as a critical success factor for the Company.

Our aim is for zero harm to people, communities and the environment:

  • We aspire to create a workplace that is injury and incident free
  • We seek to minimise and, where possible, eliminate our environmental impacts over time
  • Being preferred by employees for providing a safe, healthy and equitable workplace and caring about the communities in which we live
  • Being preferred by the communities in which we operate for our contribution to sustainable community well-being
  • Being preferred by our customers, suppliers, contractors – as a committed and reliable partner in delivering sustainable value


Our emphasis on sustainable value means we have the willingness to invest for the future while ensuring we deliver value in the shorter term.


Is timber the only truly sustainable construction material for our future?