advantages of timber

Undeniable reasons to build with timber

Close up of LGL Beams on site
good reason #1

It's Renewable

Responsibly sourced timber is a naturally renewable resource. Certified plantations operate on a continuous cycle of growth to provide a wide range of ongoing benefits such as carbon storage, oxygen generation and environmental management.

of the dry weight of timber is carbon absorbed from the atmosphere.
is all it takes for Australia’s plantations to regrow the timber used to build the average size home.
good reason #2

Low-Energy Alternative

The manufacturing process of timber uses substantially less fossil fuel energy per unit volume than steel, concrete, or aluminium; meaning that timber leaves no carbon footprint. In fact, timber is carbon positive, locking up more carbon than produced during manufacturing. A recent study conducted by the Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Accounting compared the greenhouse emissions generated by timber products, with those generated by other common building materials. The results were irrefutable.

According to a study published in Frontiers in Built Environment in 2022, the average embodied energy of timber buildings is lower than that of concrete and steel buildings by 28% and 47%, respectively.
T2 Blue full house frame and truss wide angle
good reason #3

Energy Efficient

Building with timber is often overlooked when it comes to saving on household energy bills. The magic lies deep within the cellular structure of timber, with millions of tiny air pockets working to naturally insulate against both hot and cold. And when used in conjunction with standard insulating materials, you and your new house are set to benefit from the natural thermal efficiency of timber for many years to come.

good reason #4

Cost and

Timber is an affordable material for construction, especially when compared to other conventional building materials. What’s more, timber frames also take a significantly shorter time to construct, meaning less labour costs during the all-important lock up phase. In fact, prefabricated frame and truss construction can be accelerated even further. Additionally, the construction of a timber frame does not require speciality trades to assemble, which means better costs on labour.

T2 Blue Truss being prefabricated
Builders cutting T2 Blue on site
good reason #5

Trade familiarity

Timber allows total flexibility of architectural design at any stage of a homes’ life. What’s more, building with timber offers a larger pool of skilled tradespeople and carpenters, making it easier to find and hire professionals with the skills required to either build new or renovate. Last minute plan changes can be easily made onsite by carpenters, while the installation of plumbing and electric cables is quick and simple.

good reason #6


The durability and service life of timber products can be greatly enhanced with preservatives. This process is commonly referred to as ‘treating’ and is a cost efficient and reliable method of improving the timber’s natural resistance to attack from insects and decay. In fact, when properly manufactured and maintained, timber structures have been recorded as lasting thousands of years.

The Horyuji Temple in Japan is the oldest recorded timber structure at
over 1400 years of age

T2 Red

Peace-of-mind from the big termites up North.

T2 Red house frame under construction

T3 Green

Superior protection for use outdoors.

T3 Green Deck under construction

T2 Blue

Guaranteed to resist termite attack.

T2 Blue Frame & Truss under construction

T2 Red

Peace-of-mind from the big termites up North.

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