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Nature's Carbon Guardian

Every choice we make matters. By selecting timber as your preferred building material, you become a guardian of the planet. Trees, the source of timber, act as silent actors against climate change, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and locking it away within their fibres. With each timber frame, you contribute to this vital carbon capture, playing your role in reducing the carbon footprint of your project.

Good For The Planet

The journey from forest to framework is an eco-conscious endeavour. Unlike conventional building materials, timber manufacturing is energy efficient and benefits from the use of biofuels. This process consumes significantly less energy compared to some alternatives, conserving precious resources, and minimising greenhouse gas emissions. By incorporating timber, you align your project with a sustainable future, where innovation and environmental stewardship go hand in hand.

140 years of Hyne

Discover our deep history

Historic Hyne Timber mill photo Maryborough

Advantages of Timber

Undeniable reasons to build with timber

The ultimate renewable

See how sustainability is in our DNA

Ariel photo of Radiata Pine forest

GLT: A strong, sustainable choice

The many advantages of building with glulam

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