Guaranteed Performance

Third-party Assured Quality

Tried & tested

At Hyne Timber, we're all about manufacturing top-notch Australian timber framing and Glue Laminated Timber (GLT). In fact, we’re so committed to producing the good stuff that we’ve implemented a multitude of tests and checks throughout our production process and invested in our own state-of-the-art in-house laboratories, as well as a 500m2 R&D facility to both test products and develop products.

Independently tested

We take quality so seriously we subject our products and processes to rigorous third-party audits. Our treatments are independently certified with CodeMark® Australia, guaranteeing quality, consistency, and compliance with the National Construction Code (NCC). While our GLT products proudly carry the 'S' Mark Australasian stamp of approval; proof they meet the requirements of 'AS/NZS 1328.1:1998, Glue Laminated Structural Timber'. It’s just another way to know that our products are good to go.

CodeMark® Certified

'S' Mark Approved

25 Year Guarantee

We know our product lasts, and you can be confident too. But if our word isn’t enough, rest assured we have a 25-year guarantee that is a testament to the rigorous standards and quality wood fibre that goes into every single length of Hyne Timber.

Our guarantee ensures that your home stays structurally sound for the long haul, and it's even transferable to future owners. Unlike barriers, meshes, or sprays, Hyne Timber is good to go for decades to come. You can forget costly annual maintenance, all we recommend to protect the structure of the home from termite of borer attack is to ensure it’s built with Hyne T2 Blue, T2 Red, or T3 Green, and that its surrounds don’t become a jungle. Simple.

Advantages of Timber

Undeniable reasons to build with timber

Australian Grown & Made

Designed to perform in the Aussie Climate

Tour a Timber Mill

Step inside our mill

Staff working during tour of mill

Advantages of Timber

Undeniable reasons to build with timber

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