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Glulam Beams, Glue Laminated Timber

GLue laminated timber (GLulam)

What makes Hyne's glulam so darn good?

Our range of glulam products enable you to strike the right balance between beauty and brawn. Aside from its prized visual characteristics, our products meet high standards and industry regulations, with rigorous in-house and independent testing, along with ‘S’ Mark certification. We invest in precision from the beginning to the end, to ensure every Hyne Timber glulam beam is engineered to perform for a lifetime – in fact, we’re so sure of our products we offer a 25-year guarantee.

All our glulam products are proudly grown and manufactured right here in Australia and are designed to specifically to perform for our harsh Australian climate. The Good Stuff is made from Australian pine and hardwoods, all sourced from PEFC certified, sustainably managed Australian plantations, with full Chain-of-Custody certification.

GLue laminated timber (GLulam)


Can glulam beams be used outside?

Yes. H3 treated Beam 15 or LGL are ideal for outdoor applications. Glulam beams made from spotted gum (Durability Class 1) and QLD hardwoods (Durability Class 2), for example our Beam 21, are naturally termite and weather resistant making it a great option for outdoor and indoor use.

What timber are glulam beams made from?

Depending on the product chosen, Hyne glulam timber beams are made from Plantation Pine, Spotted Gum, or mixed Queensland Hardwood. All our glulam beams are made from responsibly sourced Australian grown feedstock, and our products carry PEFC certification.

What are glulam beams used for?

Glulam beams are a great choice for applications where you need to support a critical load or a long span. They make for ideal bearers, beams, rafters, columns, or posts. Apply glulam as lintels over large window and door openings, garage openings or roof beams, or where spans over large spaces are dictated by design.

Why would I choose glulam beams over other construction materials?

Glulam is a great alternative to steel or concrete as it’s lightweight making it easy to manoeuvre and lift onsite whilst also simplifying the transportation and installation. Glulam beams can be easily docked, drilled, or screwed onsite, allowing for precise adjustments and fittings. Read more about the benefits of Glulam here.
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