NCC Termite Compliance

There are two options for resisting termite action as per AS1720, AS1684 and AS3660:

  1. Resistant materials as 'primary building elements'
  2. Barrier systems

T2 Blue and T2 Red treated timber framing is a termite resistant material and may be used solely or in conjunction with other termite resistant materials to satisfy the NCC Part 3.1.3 performance requirements.

What does the NCC BCA define as a Primary Building Element?

“A member of a building designed specifically to take part of the building loads and includes roof, ceiling, floor, stairway or ramp and wall framing members, including bracing members designed for the specific purpose of acting as a brace to those members.” Note: A unique variation exists for Queensland that includes door jambs, window frames and reveals, architraves and skirtings.

Effectively, this means that if your weight bearing structural elements (framing, bracing, sub-floor, beams etc.) are termite resistant materials, no physical or chemical termite barrier system is required to meet the NCC termite performance requirements. This is good news for both builders and home owners, with no annual inspections or ongoing costs required for a 25 year termite guarantee.