'S' Mark Certification

Hyne GLT carries the 'S' Mark and is independent audited to ensure performance

'S' Mark Certification

As building materials quite rightly face scrutiny with regards to compliance, the specifying of certified, quality products for construction is increasingly necessary. To provide customers with another level of assurance, Hyne Timber's Glue Laminated Timber (GLT) products have been independently certified by Bureau Veritas, a JAS-ANZ accredited third-party Certification Body, under their ‘S’ Mark Product Certification Scheme.

'S' Mark

The 'S' Mark is an Australasian stamp of assurance, confirming to the design and construction industry that Hyne Timber's GLT is audited and certified to the applicable Standard 'AS/NZS 1328.1:1998, Glue Laminated Structural Timber'.

'S' Mark not only proves that certified products are compliant with Australian Standards but that certified manufacturers continue to meet Standards certified by Bureau Veritas, accredited by JAS-ANZ, the Government appointed accreditation body for Australia and New Zealand.

Certification Scheme

The 'S' Mark Product Certification Scheme is a leading assurance of product and performance in Australasia. Established in 1944 by Standards New Zealand, it has been maintained by Bureau Veritas since 1997.

The Government owned and operated laboratory where Hyne Timber's GLT underwent independent testing is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and was required to be further audited by Bureau Veritas to determine the 'S' Mark certification was achieved.

Laboratory testing the GLT product is only one part of the accreditation process which extends to the full manufacturing process and glue bond integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do GLT products need to conform to the Australian Standards? Yes, but manufacturers are not obliged to have all of their individual products independently certified. We have taken the initiative to independently certify our GLT products with Bureau Veritas under their 'S' Mark Product Certification Scheme.
  2. Is the 'S' Mark proof of compliance? Yes. Bureau Veritas is a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification, and a JAS-ANZ accredited third-party Certification Body that has been maintaining the 'S' Mark Product Certification since 1997.
  3. Have other GLT products achieved 'S' Mark certification by Bureau Veritas? No. Hyne Timber is the only timber manufacturer in Australia that has achieved the 'S' Mark Certification for GLT products by Bureau Veritas. We mark our GLT products with the 'S' Mark stamp for quality assurance and confidence.
  4. Why should I look for 'S' Marked GLT products? Building materials are quite rightly facing scrutiny with regards to compliance and GLT customers need to demonstrate that they are specifying conforming products. The 'S' Mark provides them with this proof. Our 'S' Mark certification follows scrutiny by accredited timber experts and we believe this approach is the future of product certification.
  5. What other products carry the 'S' Mark? Steel reinforcement, safety glass, pipes & fittings, child restraints, buoyancy aids and safety footwear.

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