Frequently Asked T3 Green Plus Questions

T3 Green Plus is an all-new H3 treatment for above ground resistance to termites and wood rot. It’s treated to a level above and beyond the Australian Standards, has a far more natural colour tone and no petrochemical odours. Additionally, with no detectable VOC emissions, it’s safe for both outdoor and indoor framing projects where moisture and humidity are a concern.
T3 Green Plus FAQ's

How is T3 Green Plus different?

  • No strong petrochemical odours
  • No detectable VOC emissions
  • A far more natural, consistent colour
  • Treated above and beyond the Australian Standards
  • Quality assured with CodeMark™ certification


Where can I use T3 Green Plus?

  • Decking structures, carports and pergolas
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Bearers, joists and rafters
  • Internal roof trusses and wall frames
  • All other structural, above ground projects


Why use an H3 treated product indoors?

  • Kitchens, bathrooms and laundries are all exposed to periodic moisture and / or humidity, which can result in decay. Structural timbers used in these appications should be suitably durable.


Is it safe?

  • Unlike other "low odour" H3 treated products, T3 Green Plus has no VOC emissions, making it safe for use indoors and out.


How do I tell if it’s T3 Green Plus?

  • It’s a new and improved natural olive green and marked at regular intervals with the Hyne Timber brand. The natural colour and finish will produce a better-looking result when stained or painted.


Do I have to paint or stain it?

  • All timber used in outdoor, weather exposed applications should have a suitable coating applied. Please refer to our Technical Data Sheet #6 for more information.


What should I do with the offcuts?

  • You should be able to dispose of offcuts through normal trade waste collection services. For large volumes check with your local waste service authority for disposal restrictions.


Is it guaranteed to perform?

  • Yes. T3 Green Plus is guaranteed for up to 25 years.


What’s in the treatment?

  • The treatment contains ingredients commonly used to protect food crops from pests as well as organic fungicides.


Is it as durable as other H3 products?

  • T3 Green Plus is a highly effective treatment that’s achieved independent CodeMark™ certification, which means you can be sure of its quality.


Is it environmentally friendly?

  • More than ever. It’s petrochemical free, making it one of the safest and most eco-friendly treated timber products available today.


Is it BCA compliant?

  • Yes. Hyne Timber prides itself on quality. T3 Green Plus is independently quality assured with CodeMark® Australia certification and therefore conforms to the BCA.


What is CodeMark™ certification?

  • A voluntary certification scheme, designed and managed by the Australian Building Codes Board, that provides rigorous third party auditing of product performance and manufacturing quality.