Thank you for selecting Hyne Timber T3 Green Plus timber framing. T3 Green Plus products are protected from fungal decay, termite attack and insect borers, and can be expected to have a long life when used and maintained appropriately.

Hyne Timber guarantees any Hyne Timber T3 Green Plus products used in Australia to be resistant against termite attack and fungal decay (rot) for the product guarantee period(s) as per the table in this web page.

Any correctly treated and installed T3 Green Plus product which is eligible for this guarantee that has become structurally or functionally unserviceable due to termite attack, insect borers or fungal decay within the specified guarantee period(s) will be repaired or replaced subject to the terms of the guarantee.

This guarantee is provided free of charge to purchasers or owners of T3 Green Plus products that have been manufactured by Hyne Timber. This guarantee applies only to the products detailed by the owner/purchaser on the registration form provided by the supplier. The terms of this guarantee will be adhered to by Hyne Timber, provided that the products are eligible and are not used for a purpose excluded by this guarantee (refer to eligibility criteria, correct use guidelines, terms and exclusions).

The benefits under this guarantee are in addition to any other rights or remedies you may have under any other law. This guarantee does not limit or modify any other rights that you have under law.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality, and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

The following table identifies the guarantee periods specific to application types. Hyne Timber's maximum liability under this guarantee is strictly limited to termite and fungal attack within the below time frames. 

Treatment Level Specific Application Examples Guarantee Period
Product Replacement and Labour Costs Product Replacement Only
H3 Decking Decks, boardwalks, platforms, stair treads, seats, benches 7 Years 15 Years
H3 General Framing, Bearers, joists, fascia pergolas, cladding, hand rails, veranda posts, fence pickets 10 Years 25 Years
  1. Treatment levels are defined in Australian Standard 1604.1 and are a guide to the general severity of biological hazards (termites and decay fungi) that are expected in a range of timber application situations (see AS1604.1 Section 1 for further details).
  2. The examples provided here are not exhaustive. Consult AS1604.1 Appendix D or your supplier if you are unsure of the correct treatment level or specification for a particular application.
  3. There are a range of approved preservatives under Australian Standards that may be available depending on the supplier and the type of timber product. Refer to the following page and consult AS1604.1 Appendix C, your supplier, or Hyne Timber for further information. Also note that Copper Chromium Arsenate (CCA preservative – No. 01 & 02) is restricted from use in certain specific situations such as residential decking, playground equipment, handrail and park furniture.
  4. The T3 Green Plus guarantee covers both product replacement and installation labour up to the periods specified in column 3. After that period has elapsed, the guarantee covers product replacement only up to the periods specified in column 4. Subsequent owners are also covered by this guarantee from the original purchase date.
Eligible Products

To be eligible for this guarantee program, T3 Green Plus products must be:

  1. Treated with a conforming T3 Green Plus preservative from Hyne Timber in accordance with Australian Standard 1604 in an approved industrial timber treatment facility that has a registered plant number (see below).
  2. Bear a treatment brand conforming to AS1604 at the time of supply from the timber product producer or treatment service provider.

The terms and conditions of future versions of this guarantee may be varied without notice.


Important Information
It is important that you as the owner, and your builder or tradesman understand the following issues for the correct selection and use of T3 Green Plus products. This guarantee covers the use of T3 Green Plus products against fungal decay, termite attack, and insect borers when used for outdoor and indoor construction and external and internal, above ground building applications only.
Exclusions and Limitations

This guarantee specifically limits and/or excludes claims, costs or damages against Hyne Timber as follows:

  • All timber products treated with preservatives other than those from Hyne Timber.
  • Deterioration of or damage to eligible treated timber products due or any other cause apart from fungal decay, termites or insect borers (such as but not limited to weathering, corrosion, bleaching, mould & surface stains, checking, mechanical wear and tear, physical breakage due to overload and fire).
  • Any inherent physical properties or qualities of timber itself such as strength, general appearance, knots and other imperfections, wane, shrinkage, swelling, splits, warping and twisting.
  • Any minor or aesthetic damage that does not significantly affect the structural or functional capacity of the timber products.
  • Any timber products not treated in accordance with AS1604 series or which do not bear conforming Australian Standard treatment brand markings at the time of supply by the producer.
  • Any timber products used in an application not suitable for its H level rating.
  • Any treated timber products of nominal thickness 16 mm or les such as fence palings and lattice lathe.
  • Any treated timber products that are rip sawn, re-dressed, or have the original dimensions significantly altered in any way (except for cutting to length and notching as required for fitting). Note: All end cuts, notches, rebates and drill holes must be resealed with a suitable end-sealing product such as Tanalised® Enseal Clear, Tanalised® Ecoseal, Protim® Solignum® XJ Clear or an equivalent. Failure to do so may void this guarantee.
  • Any timber products used in any structural application in a manner not consistent with the Building Code of Australia or in contravention of local building approvals or appropriate building standards.
  • Any other costs, damages, injury compensation or consequential losses to other property, the purchaser or any other party howsoever caused as a result of using the products (except where such liabilities by law can not be excluded or limited).
  • Disposal of any redundant timber products replaced under this guarantee.
  • Any timber products used outside of Australia.
Installation Procedures

To ensure the best results with preservative treated outdoor timber products, Hyne Timber recommends the following procedures:

  • Check all timber products supplied for correct sizes, grading, treatment levels and quantities. Note the brand markings on all treated timber products supplied. Only Hyne Timber T3 Green Plus products are covered under this guarantee. Ask your supplier to confirm that the supplied materials are T3 Green Plus products
  • Treated timber products must not be re-sawn, or re-sized after treatment (except for cutting to length or notching as required for fitting and joining). These processes may reduce the protection afforded by the treatment and may void the guarantee
  • Where treated timber products are cut, notched, drilled or rebated the exposed areas must be resealed with a suitable resealing product such as Tanalised® Enseal Clear, Tanalised® Ecoseal, Protim® Solignum® XJ Clear or an equivalent to ensure that an integral treatment envelope is maintained
  • It is a requirement that all treated timber products installed in weather exposed situations are sealed with a suitable paint or stain coating to maintain optimum serviceability, appearance and dimensional stability. Some treated timber products may specify a holding or conditioning period or other special instructions before painting. Ensure that the timber is clean and dry before painting
  • Corrosion resistant fasteners, fixings, and connectors such as hot dip galvanised or stainless steel must be used in all applications. Corrosion or failure of fasteners is not covered under this guarantee
  • Construction of some outdoor structures such as decks, pergolas, garden sheds and car ports may require a development application and approval from your local council. If in doubt check with your council for requirements. This guarantee may be void in whole or part for timber products used in any structure built without or in contravention of appropriate planning approvals
  • Treated timber products are to be used appropriately with respect to the treatment level, structural grade, and physical quality in accordance with good building practice as per the National Construction Code and all other relevant standards and codes. This guarantee may be void in whole or part for timber products used in any structure built in contravention of appropriate building standards

NB - Hyne Timber cannot anticipate all situations or contingencies. For further information consult your timber and building materials supplier, tradesman or builder, building advisory service, or other independent sources of expert advice.


T3 Green Plus products are safe to use, however handling timber and wood products, including preservative treated products, may present certain hazards. Hyne Timber recommends taking the following precautions when handling or disposing of timber and wood products:

  • Only use treated timber products that are visibly clean, dry, and free of surface residues
  • Use a dust mask or air extraction to avoid inhalation of sawdust when sanding or using high speed machine tools
  • Wear gloves when handling the timber and to brush sawdust off skin and clothes
  • When using power saws or machining, wear goggles to protect the eyes from flying particles
  • Wash hands after work, prior to eating, drinking, or smoking
  • Treated timber and wood products are not a hazardous waste, however regulations may vary in different jurisdictions. For most residential users, treated timber off-cuts, waste pieces, and shavings can be disposed by ordinary waste collection. Trade and commercial users may need to check local requirements
  • Do not burn treated timber as this may produce toxic fumes and residues
More Information
Download the T3 Green Plus Product Guarantee here: