Timber Queensland Webinars.
Discover the wonders of wood.

We’re proud Sponsors of Timber Queensland 2019-2020 Planet Ark Webinar Series. This series aims to celebrate and share cutting-edge knowledge and the wonderful benefits of wood for people and our planet. There will be a total of eight webinars in the first series. You can watch the first four below.
The next webinar is scheduled for 7 April 2020.

Robert Mansell - GLT Case Studies

Rob Mansell works on the cutting-edge of mass timber construction. Working for XLAM, he uses his expertise in CLT and GLT to provide solutions for some of Australia and New Zealand’s highest-profile mass timber projects. In this presentation, Rob shares some fantastic mass timber product and project profiles.

Kim Baber - Working With Manufacturers Before Designing

Architect Kim Baber is part of the UQ ARC Future Timber Hub team. In this presentation he outlines the benefits of working with materials suppliers and manufacturers early in the design process. As Kim explains there are significant creative and materials efficiency benefits to be gained.

David Bennetts - Round Logs Into Rectangular Shapes

Ever wondered how we turn logs into building materials? David Bennetts, Manufacturing Support Manager at our Tuan mill, tells all in this webinar. Dave’s passionate about wasting nothing, and using more of the log – subjects close to our hearts.

Stephanie Hunt & Michelle McAndrew - Growing a Timber Plantation

Love seeing sustainable thinking in action? Michelle has been working as a forester in Queensland plantations for nearly 20 years. She currently oversees the management of HQP's forest management certification. Stephanie engages with plantation neighbours, visitors and other stakeholders to promote forest stewardship. Watch and learn.

David Rowlinson - Biophilic Design

Us humans have a long relationship with timber. In this first Timber Queensland Webinar, David Rowlinson from Planet Ark talks about how Biophilic design can be beneficial for people and our planet.

Adam Jones - Embodied Carbon

The use of timber in construction is emerging as a strong solution to dealing with the carbon we create. Adam Jones is an engineer with amazing knowledge in this area. See his presentation in our first Timber Queensland Webinar – Embodied Carbon.