Maryborough Fire and Rescue Station

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) North Coast Region Headquarters and Maryborough Fire and Rescue Station is a groundbreaking project, being the Australia's first-ever mass timber fire station.

It is a story of innovation, collaboration, restoration, and carbon sequestration and a feat only made possible through the partnering of two iconic Queensland families in the construction industry – Hyne Timber and Hutchinson Builders, with the support of the Queensland Government.

The new design restored the 1951 heritage-valued brick bones of the original station, with the remainder of the building constructed from Hyne Timber’s very own Glue laminated Timber (GLT) and sister-company, XLam’s Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). In total the project used approximately 500m3 of locally grown plantation pine, which translated to 1,742 tonnes less carbon being used throughout construction than if it were built with conventional building materials.

FAQs about timber in the Fire Station
Approximately 500m3 of locally grown plantation pine was used in this project

The new facility not only serves as the regional outpost for QFES, but also accommodates the Rural Fire Service (RFS), State Emergency Service (SES), while providing a state-of-the-art engine garage for multiple service vehicles. The design of the building showcases robust timber structures with extensive use of GLT and CLT throughout.

Building in mass timber is increasingly popular. The Maryborough project lends itself to mass timber construction provided as it offers faster construction timelines due to the prefabrication of components like CLT and GLT. This precision and off-site fabrication lead to accurate fits, reducing on-site modifications and waste. Additionally, mass timber is a sustainable choice, sourced from renewable plantations with lower carbon emissions than conventional materials.

The construction of the fire station mass timber approach minimised on-site disruption, which is ideal for urban or sensitive environments. The prefabricated nature of mass timber reduces noise, dust, and construction-related disturbances. It also enhances site safety as the lighter weight of timber components lowers the risks associated with heavy lifting and handling. Moreover, mass timber undergoes fire safety testing and exhibits inherent fire resistance properties, ensuring the safety of occupants… which is naturally very important to the building’s occupants.

The mass timber brings aesthetic appeal with its natural and warm appearance. Exposed timber surfaces create a welcoming environment and add character to architectural designs. Additionally, building with timber provides excellent thermal insulation, reducing the need for additional insulation materials and improving energy efficiency.

Maryborough Fire Station corner view
Maryborough Fire Station inside shed
Maryborough Fire Station historic area
Maryborough Fire Station back shed area
Maryborough Fire Station historic room
Maryborough Fire Station close up outside view
Maryborough Fire Station Beam 15 photo
Maryborough Fire Station side view
Maryborough Fire Station firemans slide
Maryborough Fire Station back shed area
Maryborough Fire Station CLT stairs
Maryborough Fire Station Front view
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Project Team


Baber Studios

Structural Engineer:

Bligh Tanner


Hutchinson Builders


Department of Energy & Public Works




• GLT Beams, Hyne Timber
• CLT Billets, XLam

Awards & Recognition:

1. National Richard Stanton Award for Excellence inSustainable Forest Management 2022

2. Sustainability Professional Excellence Award,Australian Institute of Building, QLD Chapter, 2023

3. Commercial Construction Professional ExcellenceAward, Australian Institute of Building, QLD Chapter 2023

4. Australian Institute of Architects (Queensland Chapter) ‘Public Building’ category.

5. Project of the Year 2023

6. Community Service Facilities

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140 years of Hyne

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140 years of Hyne

Discover our deep history

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140 years of Hyne

Discover our deep history

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