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February 20, 2020

Hotondo Homes & Sheppbuild: Giving Termites The Blues

Colin Mintern is MD and owner of Hotondo Homes Shepparton. His team builds around 30 homes per year using Hyne T2 Blue framing.

Colin’s chippies have used T2 Blue since he opened the doors of Hotondo Homes 15 years ago. Colin believes that T2 Blue framing delivers long-term value to his customers who love its 25-year guarantee. They can see that the alternative requirements for maintaining a chemical termite barrier or topping up chemicals in an articulated repellant system are time-consuming and expensive alternatives.

Colin has first-hand experience on how T2 Blue performs VS termites. “Termites are an unhappy fact of life in our business, but we’ve never had a problem with T2 Blue” Colin said. “I’ve actually seen termites on plasterboard next to perfectly intact 10-year-old T2 Blue framing. There had been old trees on the site and when the owners put bark in the garden beds, that made it easy for them to get inside through a weep hole.”

Another story Colin tells us is about the house he built for his nephew. Here, again due to garden beds, termites were able to enter the house undetected. They then penetrated well inside the house and devoured a kiln-dried hardwood door frame ­- leaving the surrounding T2 Blue framing in perfect condition.

Hotondo buys Hyne T2 Blue through Shepparton Building Supplies. “They’ve always delivered brilliant service” Colin said. “They’ve always got the T2 Blue stock we want, and they supply it fast at the 6.0, 5.4 and docked 3.0 m stud lengths we need.”

Shepparton Building Supplies Managing Director Simon Baldwin says that since 2005, when he began operating the business, he’s never had a reason to change from T2 Blue. “The quality is there consistently” Simon noted. “We only sell T2 Blue framing, except for one length of untreated" Simon’s team treats timber right during storage too. “It’s all undercover, wrapped, packed up and strapped up”, he said.

It’s great to see professionals like Hotondo Homes and Shepparton Building Supplies working together to produce such high-quality homes. And, as Hyne Timber Customer Manager Eric Jackson-Hope says “At Hyne, we’re always trying to build partnerships between ourselves our retailers and builders like Hotondo Homes. So it’s fantastic for us to see T2 Blue at the heart of a great relationship.” We’re proud that T2 Blue is part of this winning formula.

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140 years of Hyne

Discover our deep history

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140 years of Hyne

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